1. Oh, Hey!

“This is where all the magic happens.” – Tyler Oakley.

Hey, what’s up guys!

This is my first post, I literally have no idea what to write..

As you guys know from my ‘about’ page (you can see it here), I made this blog based on my friend’s suggestion because I recently suffered a really bad depression and currently I am suffering an eating disorder.

So, to escape all of those, I decided to write what I felt, what I saw, and what I did on this personal. Well, not really personal, because you read this..

The first thing I realized when I was typing this was I am on the same condition like John Watson on ‘Sherlock’, the one with Ben (bae). He was suffering PTSD (I think?), and his psychiatric asked him to write a blog. And his blog got more than a thousand hits, and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness gracious, I couldn’t be like him because I’m not famous and there’s no interesting moment in my life.’

But, no.

As life went on, I realized that there’s a lot of things you should cherish in this life and you should be grateful of that. At least, because you’re still breathing, because you’re still alive, because you’re still able to see the people who love you and you love.

(Okay, the more I type, the more I sound like Gandhi or Buddha or other wise person)

(Connor Franta, we do have a lot in common..)

So, that’s my introduction to this blog? Perhaps I barely won’t post in Bahasa (even though I’m Indonesian) because I want to learn more to write in English, so I’m really, really sorry if there’s any mistake in my grammar or spelling (I’m still learning).

Okay, byee! 😉


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