6. The Most Important Question

Have you ever feel like you don’t have anything to achieve anymore in your life?

Like all of sudden, your life is clueless and you don’t know what to do..

Yep, I thought, as I flipped through my school textbook.

I literally have no clue what was going on with my head this morning, because it was like, ‘Stop, let me relax for a while‘.

And maybe my brain was right.

I had to stop, and think what have I achieved in the past 15 years in my life. And it’s not that much, and I realized that I should be more creative and active in my life.

But from what I have learn, you can’t force yourself to be creative.

This is one of those moments in my life, when I have to sit down, question everything, and doubt every single thing I’m doing.

First thing, what.

What have I done? A lot.

Second, how.

Time flies, I forgot how I’ve done all of those good things in my past.

The third one is a little bit tricky: why.

Those three letters is the most important question I could ask in my life, and maybe until I grow up, I still couldn’t give the right answer to that question.


(I’m beginning to feel like Buddha)

The point I’m trying to make here is that you probably know what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it but if you don’t know why, then you have no purpose in doing the thing you do.

And if you have no purpose, what’s the point?

I want myself to think: Why do I live the life that I’m living right now.

And probably I’ll be able to answer that when my time of death is come.

What. How. Why.

And you’ll realize that my life is really complicated..


That’s all I wanna talk about today! I hope this’ll give you a little spark in your dark brain (or whatever). And I published two posts in a day, wow!

See you on the next post, which probably will not be publish tomorrow because I am sick (why).

Byee! 😉


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