12. MOVIETALK: Snervous (2015)

Let’s talk about movie!

(and Tyler Oakley).

I watched this movie back in January, when it was already on putlocker.

(Yes, because I’m poor and Netflix is not available in this country).

But, the question is, who is Tyler Oakley?


Tyler is a 26 year-old YouTuber who has 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with over than 500 thousands views. He’s an LGBT activist, and once raised money for the Trevor Project over than $500.000 for his birthday campaign. He’s not only active on his YouTube career, he also has a podcast named Psychobabble along with his bestie, Korey Kuhl. He published a book title BINGE, and it was on New York Times Bestseller List for about 14 weeks. This time, he released a movie titled Snervous.

Snervous—scared and nervous—was probably what Tyler felt when he realized that he was one of those people who were called “YouTube sensations”, such as PewDiePie, nigahiga, FineBros, etc.

In this documentary movie (whatever it is), we get to see his life behind the camera. He’s such a cute, sweet, funny guy. How he deals with thousands of fans, a lot of interviews, his slumber party tour around the world, and others.

As the tour progresses you really get to see a side of Tyler that he doesn’t show in his videos, that being anxiety and anger, it’s clear that Tyler likes to be in control of situations and on two occasions in the film his control slips and you can see how uncomfortable he gets when things don’t go to plan, I personally quite liked to see him displaying these emotions not because I enjoy seeing people upset but because it shows the audience that he is only human and the personality he portrays on camera is just one part of him. You even see him cry when he’s discussing what his loved ones think about his career which is an emotion he’s never displayed publicly before.

The other part that I love is when Tyler got to reunite with his dad, and have a chat with him about what he had become and achieve as a 26 year-old gay YouTuber.

“Dad, this is me. There’s nothing to fix. Love me the way I am, or there’s nothing here.”

I really enjoy this movie because it shows us the other side of Tyler that we barely know. He wants us to know that he’s not perfect as we thought. He’s human too like us. And he taught us from this movie that we don’t have to be ashamed of who we are just because we’re different from others. Be proud of yourself, dare to be yourself.

That’s all I want to tell you today! I hope you enjoy today’s post. Let me know in the comments below what else should I review because I am craving for some new stuffs to watch and read and listen.

Byee! 😉




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