15. Almost Got Blinded

This. Is. Really. Embarrassing.

So, yesterday, March 9th, literally was a special day because it was the day when the total solar eclipse happened only in Indonesia.

My family, and me, of course didn’t want to miss the chance to see it, so we headed to another city (Bogor, because we have a house there), because we thought the eclipse would be clearer to watch from there.

When we were halfway to there, I remembered that I forgot to bring my DSLR camera, my vlogging camera, and the eclipse glasses. I was sad and a bit upset though, but it didn’t stop me from witnessing the solar eclipse.

After stopping at McDonald’s to buy breakfast and some cups of coffee (I LOVE MCD’s COFFEE), we quickly headed straight to the house, because the sun was already half-covered by the moon. When we arrived, I grabbed my phone, my earphone, my breakfast (it was burger) and my coffee, and ran toward the stairs which leads me to the rooftop.

So, I sat there, eating my burger and drinking my coffee, plus listening to some Troye’s musics, while waiting for the eclipse.

A few people in my neighborhood, who were waiting for the eclipse too, asked me to go down because they were afraid if I would fall down or got blinded by the light of the eclipse. But I just waved my hand, motioning that everything would be alright.


I looked like a complete idiot, waiting for the eclipse at the roof of my house, with a cup of coffee and burger in my hands.

After the long waiting, the eclipse finally happened. I was just staring at the sun in amazement, without remembering that I didn’t wear the damn eclipse glasses.

When it was over and the moon slowly retracted from the sun, I gathered my things and ready to go down, when I realized that I couldn’t see the stairs in front of me.

I was blind.


I tried really hard not to panic.

All of my neighbors already went back to their houses. So I just sat there, still listening to Troye’s musics, while waiting for my eyes to be normal again. Slowly, my sight got recovered (10 minutes or so), and I quickly went down, and told my mum everything that I saw at the roof, except the blind experience.

After she listened to my story, she asked curiously, “Then, what took you so long up there? The eclipse was over since 10 minutes ago.”

I couldn’t find the right words to answer it, so I just ran to my bedroom and laughed awkwardly. #typicalme

Let me tell you a thing: IT WAS TERRIBLE.

It’s really embarrassing, but it’s pretty funny when I’m trying to re-imagine that.

Duh, next time, when the eclipse happens in Indonesia (when is it, 2028-ish?), I will not forget to bring my camera and the eclipse glasses.

What about you? Got any embarrassing stories and experiences? Let me know in the comments below. It’s okay to share it with me. Believe me, I have more than a hundred of embarrassing experiences of mine.

I still have exams for the next 4 or 5 weeks, so I’ll be pretty busy. But, I’ll try to keep posting something to this blog.

Byee! 😉

Remember I wrote that I bought McDonald’s coffee? I tweeted about it, plus mentioned Connor Franta (because he’s my coffee bean, or our coffee bean) and a picture of me holding the cup of the coffee. This is what happened:




I couldn’t get more embarrassed.

I need a boyfriend immediately. ASAP. Pronto.




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