17. A Frantastic Week

Hi, internet! And, no, I’m not trying to be like Dan Howell, because I think it is the perfect time for me to say ‘hi’ again to the internet, which is you guys!

Okay, a lot of things have been going on in my life for the past week.

Like, last Tuesday.

I woke up that morning, feeling a bit weird, I didn’t know why.

I opened my phone, went straight to YouTube and found out that Connor had upload a new video, titled ‘Say Yes To New’.

Being a frantastic fan, I quickly shared the video to Twitter, so I’d get noticed by other fans from the frandom.

I took a shower, and went to school, leaving my phone home because my school doesn’t allow us to bring phones.

1.30PM, I got back from school, and I opened my phone, finding that my email (Gmail, okay) was full of notifications. I had this strange feeling, so I quickly opened Twitter and found out that there were like 33 new notifications. I was like, ‘What happened when I was at school?”

I scrolled through the notifications and they were all like, “PRIS, WHERE ARE YOU” “PRIS, CONNOR NOTICED YOU” etc etc.

And that’s how I found out that Connor Joel Franta liked my tweet for the first time.


It feels so good, get noticed by your favourite artist, or someone you love. It’s like they know that we exist, and it’s wonderful. You get the point, right?


Another thing that has been happened in my life is I bought plants! And basically I had the same reaction as Connor when he purchased two more plants.


FYI, Connor got a plant named Sarah, and it’s the only alive plant in his apartment. You don’t want to know what happened to the rest.

So, I was buying groceries with my mum at Lotte, and when we passed the plants section she said, “Go on, buy yourself some plants.” And, me, being a cheeky teenager, spent an hour just to pick two cute succulents.



I solemnly swear, I will take care of these succulents.

Yeah, pretty much this post summed up this whole week. It’s been a frantastic, crazy week, I know.

And, my throat hurts at the moment and I can’t speak fluently because every time I speak, I will cough non-stop. Get well soon for me, from me.

I still have a lot of exams, and I’m sorry if I didn’t post anything this week except this. I think I will update weekly, or once in three days.

What about you, got any f(r)antastic experience this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Byee! 😉

P.S: The Amazing Race is on hiatus until April 1st, so it means I get a chance to catch up all of the episodes that I missed because of my dad.. If you want to do the same thing, just tune in to CBS! Bless you.



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