18. Life Waits For No One

A couple days ago, me and my mum were heading out to a mall for shopping and lunch, a usual day. For some reason, she was too lazy to drive, so she ordered an Uber. After a couple minutes of waiting, we saw this black car approaching and left our house.

My mum is the type of person who likes to make conversation with pretty much anyone and everyone. After a few introductory sentences, this thirty-something gentleman realized they were both originally from the same university, living in Jakarta.

They continued conversing and things got deeper quickly. He asked my mum, “Was your family okay with you working such an important job in one of the biggest bank in this country?”

“Definitely,” she said. “They’re just happy that I’m happy, doing something  I love everyday, become an auditor.”

He continued by saying, “Good, that’s really good that you’re doing something you’re passionate about. A lot of people nowadays can’t say that.”

And then he added: “You know, I used to work night and day, receiving little pay, doing something I didn’t enjoy at all. I talked about how it’ll worth it one day. But you know what? I never receieved my quest. I didn’t get to live the life I always wanted to, so it’s nice to see other people following their hearts and living their lives now, rather than later. I am 50 now, and I think nothing’s too late to be fixed, I put my life back on the right track where it should’ve been.”

He turned to me and said, “Kid, when you grow up later, remember this: know what you like, know what makes you happy. Wholeheartedly pursue your passion, do the things that you love, and love the things that you do. If you want it, just do it. Don’t ever wait for life, because life doesn’t wait.”

And that’s when he dropped us off.

I’m gonna quote Connor Franta’s poem here from A Work in Progress:

If yours isn’t going the way you want it to;

If you aren’t pursuing what you want to pursue;

If you wake up with immediate dread,

constantly saddened by the hours ahead,

moving through the days,

feeling lost, heart in a haze,

holding back what you want to say,

waiting to be yourself another day,

your dreams and desires put on hold,

to be fulfilled, maybe when you’re old;

you aren’t doing it right,

you aren’t living your life,

eventually is not okay,

why tomorrow when there is today?

And let me quote another Connor’s wise words (because he wrote about this topic in his book): “I refuse to live a life of regret. I refuse to hope things will get better in the future when I have complete control over making them the best possible right here and now. We only have one life, and none of us knows how long our life will be or what will become of it.”

“The future is as bright as you let it shine. Don’t be tricked into seeing it dimly. Don’t be fooled into believing that this, where you are now, is all you get.”

Your potential is endless. Just act. Now.

Live. Waits. For. No. One.


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