20. Torture

Thinking of you day and night.
You’re in my dreams,
Even though I’m not asleep.

I smell your scent wherever I go.
I hurt inside because you’re not here to hold.

I look at the sky,
I see your face in the clouds.
The tree branches,
seem to spell out your name.
The wind always sounds like your voice,
calling me.

A picture of you is burned in my head.
I can’t seem to blank it out.
Even when I’m trying not to think of you,
you always seem to sneak back in.

Every song reminds me of you.
When I’m walking down the halls,
I feel you near,
Then I turn to see no one here.

You torture me with this,
But some part of me doesn’t mind.

There’s this boy that I love since my eyes met his for the first time.

We were a really good team, we got this crazy chemistry between us. We knew that we loved with each other, but we never told each other. But, slowly, he backed away from me and now he won’t even talk to me anymore.

But, lately, there are another two boys that keep flirting with me, and now I’m confused because I don’t want to move on and let go of my love for him, even if he doesn’t like me anymore.

At least for now, I will let my heart decide itself.



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