24. This Is Not Goodbye.

Hi, internet.

I don’t now how to say this properly..

February 10th, 2016: the day I started this blog. I was just a 15-year-old girl who needed a platform to share all of her thoughts inside this head. And I found out that writing a blog would be the easiest way for me to share my crazy, heart-breaking thoughts with the online world.

It’s been a nice 2 months. Think about a post, write it, edit it, and then hit that ‘publish’ button, and the world will see my content. Finally, I know what’s it like to be a daily blogger. I feel like it’s my dream job, and that makes me happy.

But, I realized that now I only have a little time for me to write on this blog. Things get hard, life gets hard, everything gets hard and rough for me to go through. I have no time to share my thoughts, even though I have a lot to talk about.

I am an introvert person, and my mind speaks through words, not my speaking, because I barely speak.

It’s nice, you know, knowing that people actually read your contents in your blog. Maybe those people are in different countries, and that what makes the internet very beautiful: it connects people, even though we’re miles away from each other.

It’s nice to know that people actually follow your blog, and that means they’re looking forward to read your future posts.

It’s nice to know that people actually commented on your latest post, and that means they read your post, they understand it, and they relate to it. This really warms my heart, when someone leaves a nice comment. Usually it makes my day 10000% better.

But now, I think I have to stop for a while.

I won’t post anything on this blog anymore. I’ll stop posting my content.

I don’t know, I think that’s the best for me right now, considering that I have a lot of problems that much more important than this blog. But that doesn’t mean this blog is not important to me.

Limitless Blog has changed my life. I become braver to share my opinion with my friends (talking physically with them, that’s such a progress). My English becomes better, but I still have to improve it. This blog teaches me that the internet is not as bad as you think, that there are people outside there who cares about you.

For all of you who follows this blog, thank you so much. You have spared your time reading this post (or maybe not), and that’s so nice. I really appreciate that. You guys make this blog better since the day I posted the first content on this blog. You witnessed the progress of this blog, and look how this blog has become. It’s a little blog if you compares to other blogs, but it’s okay. We’re family, Limitless Family.

I can’t thank you enough, all of you. I love you all, thank you for being my ‘internet friends’. I’ll miss you, guys. Don’t forget to push your limits to the point break, and you’ll be limitless. Just like this blog.

This is not goodbye.

See you soon.

Byee! ;”)

Priscilla Anthony,

Limitless Blog


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