42. Distance.

Distance sometimes sucks. If you're in a long-distance relationship or long-distance friendship, you'll know why. I have internet friends scattered all around the world in different countries with different timezones, and sometimes that sucks. First, timezones. Yeah. When we're chatting in our groupchat, we usually ask each other, 'What time is it in your country?' …

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41. I Need Your Opinion [ASAP]

Hi, back with me again! I know, you guys probably think, "Pris, I thought you have to take care of your other blog and stuffs." Here's the reason: I don't think that channel is going to do well like this blog does, so I decided to delete it. It's like, that blog is not 'me' …

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40. Hiatus.

Hi, guys! I've been writing some serius posts for the past days. I just want to announce that I think I'm going to stop posting from this blog for a while. I have another blog in Indonesian, and I should fill that blog with some interesting posts in Bahasa, so yeah. I think it's impossible …

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39. 25 Facts About Pris.

I hate Donald Trump. I'm a Scorpio. I'm obsessed with coffee and candles. I adore Tyler Oakley. I like Connor Franta. I love Troye Sivan. I have secret crush on Emma Watson (I'm still straight, tho). I take photography class because of Connor Franta. I'm still not over the fact that MCR has broken up. …

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38. I’m Stuck!

This is the current weather in my area; it's cloudy, wet, and a bit windy. Because of this, I'm stuck inside my house. So, I came up with list of things I (and you) could do to keep ourselves busy. Step 1: build a fort Step 2: learn to cook Step 3: make something artsy …

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37. This Modern Love

I know that this is Will Darbyshire's upcoming book title. But, anyway, let's talk about modern love. The old-fashioned love I thought is a thing where someone confess their love to the one they love shyly with an old-fashioned way, like wrote a letter, recited a poem in front of their lover, took them to …

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36. Chatime: Depression

First, I didn't mean to make this post sounds sad or heavy. I just want to talk about this, because I think it's a pretty good time to do it. Depression for me is like a big gray cloud, foggy hazy thing and that cloud would stop in your head, and it'd make you unclear …

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