27. Pros and Cons: Being a YouTuber

I’ve been thinking about that since I was in my mother’s womb.

No, but for real, working as a YouTuber in my eyes is an interesting career to do for me in the future.

Well there are pros and cons that I have considered..

As a YouTuber, I don’t have to go to my office everyday because my office is my home, my living room. I could just turn on the camera and bam, I’m working.

Being a YouTuber doesn’t need any skill, except public speaking skill. Just because I want to be a YouTuber doesnt mean that I don’t have to talk in front if public. Become a YouTuber also requires the ability to speak clearly and politely with a formal language. I don’t want my future subscribers report me to YouTube just because I swear a lot with words I should never say.

Being a YouTuber doesn’t need good appearance. You don’t have to be pretty, handsome, or have nice hair or body, or good looking. There’s a lot of YouTubers who are beautiful and gorgeous, because they’re born that way, with their perfection and flaws. To be a YouTuber, you have to be creative, and if you could, be attractive with your creativity. If you’re not creative, (and if you don’t upload your video at least once a week or a month) people will unsubscribe your channel.

We all know that being a YouTuber is a cool thing nowadays. When people have to work hard, I’m probably just sitting at home, preparing my camera and laptop, and start filming my video.

I could do things that I can’t imagine if I become a YouTuber. A lot of YouTubers started campaigns such as #DareToBeYou by Tyler Oakley. Some of them published their own books, such as Connor’s A Work In Progress, Tyler’s Binge, and other books. And of course, they are not ordinary books. The books pretty much tell the readers to be proud of themselves and there’s no need to be ashamed of who they are. Some YouTubers asked, even convinced the viewers to help them raise money for charity programs, such as the Trevor Project or Thirst Project. YouTube is a place where I can convince the world to do good things to change the world.

Well, I think that’s it. I’ve been thinking about making a YouTube channel, but I’m not that person who always talk about things that happen in my life.

Let me know in the comments below, what would you do if you become a YouTuber!

Byee! πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “27. Pros and Cons: Being a YouTuber

  1. I think to stay popular and to increase that popularity one needs to update their blog time to time , be it any social platform. People will obviously forget those who leaps frequently ! And I agree it matters a bit if u r pretty but if your work is good , everything else takes a back seat. So I suggest you to carry your work forward without thinking .

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