28. YouTube’s Starter Pack

My obsession with YouTube is undeniable.

I literally spend half of my day watching YouTube. I live for YouTube, I breathe YouTube, I’m a part of YouTube.

Well, we all know that YouTube is a platform where you can share your thought with the world (online) through videos that you make, it can be vlogs, or comedy skits, or short movies, or just you talking in front of camera.

These days every person seem to have a YouTube account—whatever it is—that they could leave a comment on someone’s video, subscribe someone’s channel, and even give thumbs up or down to someone’s video.

If you read this far, congratulation, you came to the right place!

If you’re new to YouTube and don’t know what to watch or who to subscribe, as a YouTube expert (not really, but call me so) I could give you some of the YouTubers and channels that I subscribe to.

Let’s start with Bethany Mota. Maybe some of you are familiar with her face, because she was on Ellen last year and that is the first achievement of #TeamInternet (as Tyler Oakley would say, ‘I am proud of what Team Internet has achieved so far.’). She’s kinda like beauty guru, talk about fashion and girls things. In her channel, you can find vlogs, and how to do make-ups, plus lifestyle advice and how to stay fabulous as Bethany. If you’re girls, go subscribe her, she’s all you need. She’s like the mother of YouTube, I swear you won’t regret subscribing to her channel.

Next up, is Caspar Lee. He’s best known as the best friend of Zoella’s brother, Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe. In his channel, you can find a lot of prank videos between him and Joe, and sometimes comedy skits too. There’s also vlogs too, but mostly it’s prank videos and tags & challenges. Go subscribe him if you need some funny stuffs to watch, he’ll make you laugh.

This one is my favourite, the one and only, Connor Franta. Yep, the author of ‘A Work In Progress‘, the owner of Common Culture brand and co-founder of Heard Well music label. He is perfect, he is fabulous. Go subscribe him. His videos are from comedy skits, vlogs, inspirational videos, coffee chats, and haul videos, and other stuffs. What are you waiting for? Go. Subscribe. Connor.

Dan Howell, aka danisnotonfire. British YouTuber, best known for his face (because he’s a walking, breathing, living meme), and the best friend of Phil Lester aka AmazingPhil. His channel is full of relatable videos that will make you wonder how could Dan be so relatable on a spiritual level. He and Phil have another channel, which is DanAndPhilGames, which is their gaming channel. Go subscribe, shoo.

Need daily videos? Good Mythical Morning is ready to serve you. This channel uploads videos daily, and they’re like some talk shows and talk about weird topics and stuffs and discuss about it. Rhett and Link, the hosts of the show, always crack me up everytime I watch GMM because they’re really funny. Go subscribe them, you won’t regret it.

Ryan Higa, aka nigahiga, one of the most subscribed YouTubers in the world. He’s so funny, his videos are relatable and crack me up all the time. But really, you should check his videos. Go subscribe, y’all.

Next on the line is Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii, my figure. She’s so cool, her videos are dope, she’s so relatable and soooo creative. I don’t understand why people nowadays don’t know her. Go check her channel and subscribe. Do it.

PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTubers in the world. You’ve probably heard his name, your friends maybe mentioned his name. He’s dope, he’s cool. He doesn’t give a f*** to the haters, he’s being himself when he films his videos. Well, most of videos are gaming but 100% you should subscribe to his channel.

The one and only, Troye Sivan. Australian (ex) YouTuber, really cute and charming with his cheeky smile (as Tyler Oakley would say, ‘I like it when you smile with your teeth’). His videos are so hilarious, and relatable at the same time. He did covers of a few songs. And he’s a singer too. He released his first official studio album ‘Blue Neighbourhood‘ which came out last year and it’s dope. I made a review about it, go check it. Anyway, go subscribe to his channel, even if he barely uploads videos now because he’s busy with the tour.

YouTuber I talk about the most: Tyler Oakley. Girl, I could spend three hours explaining why you should subscribe his channel, because he is perfect, he is the queen of YouTube. He owns it. He’s fabulous. Just go subscribe, you’ll find a lot of stuffs in his channel. (Don’t forget to buy his book too!)

Last but not least, is Zoella aka Zoe Sugg, the sister of Joe Sugg. She’s named as one of the most influential people in Britain alongside with Queen Elizabeth II and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog (also a YouTuber, go check his channel!). She’s a beauty guru like Bethany, she mostly does review videos about make-up products and tags and challenges. Go subscribe her, ’cause why not?

I know that there’s other creative YouTubers that I subscribe to, but I don’t want to bother you with this presumably-1000-more-words post. Besides, this is only a starter pack. From these, you could connect with other YouTubers such as twaimz, Tyde Levi, Ben J. Pierce, Grace Helbig, and a lot more!

I think that’s it.

Let me know in the comments below who’s your favourite YouTuber and why! Also if you have any YouTuber recommendation or videos to watch, let me know! I need stuffs to watch on YouTube, too.

Okay, see you on the next post. Byee! 😉


9 thoughts on “28. YouTube’s Starter Pack

  1. Cezane & Michelle

    Ryan higa is my favourite out of these suggestions ^^ by the way, there’s also CutiePieMarzia, pewds’ girlfriend, she’s adorable! I love her 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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