31. This Blog’s Inspiration

To be honest, this blog is inspired from a lot of people.

First, from a novel titled ‘Girl Online’ by Zoella. I made a review about it, check it out here. There was this girl called Penny Porter, who had a secret personal blog under the pen-name ‘girl online’. When I read that book, I thought, “If she could do it, why don’t I?”

Second, from YouTubers’ blogs. Each of them has their own blog. Let me list a few of them one by one.

Jim Chapman: www.jimchapman.com
Zoella: www.zoella.co.uk
Marzia Bisognin: www.marziaslife.com
Tanya Burr: www.tanyaburr.co.uk
Daniel Preda: www.misterpreda.com

Their blogs made me think, “YouTubers also have blogs, so why don’t I have a blog too?”

I mean, maybe people nowadays no longer watch vloggers because videos are too long to watch, so people are rooting for blogs now, which are easy to read, and relaxing.

Third, from Connor Franta.

Connor Franta persuades all of his viewers to be limitless, to be whatever they want, to do the things that they love and love the things that they do. This blog is the result of his words. I am living my dream, trying to break my limits. To become what other people think I can’t do.

He stated once that at one point in his life, he thought that becoming YouTuber was a hard thing to do. It was like a job, and he said that his life depended on it, that if he created good contents, he would get healthy income. But now? He is pursuing his dreams, he’s on his own. He creates creative contents, and people now rooting for his videos every Monday. He no longer thinks that becoming YouTuber is a job, he thinks that becoming YouTuber is his hobby. He does what he loves, and he loves what he does.

And, last one, this blog is inspired from Bridget Jones’ Diary.

This blog is like an online diary for me. When I feel anything, experienced anything, I’ll write here and share it you guys.

I’ve tried to write diary on an actual book, like the old way, but it’d probably went like this:

“Dear diary, today is sunny. My friends were ignoring me. One of my friends cried, and I didn’t make him feel better, even though he’s my crush. I have homework to do. Etc, etc..

Not entertaining to read, wasn’t it?

Owh, and the name of this blog! First, I want to named it Pointless Blog, but it’s already taken by Alfie Deyes. So, that day, I was thinking so hard to find the right name, while reading Connor’s book and I found the word limitless.

And I thought, “Why not?”

This blog is limitless, anything could happen. This blog is where all the magic happens beyond our limits.

Let me know in the comments below what inspired you to make your blog?

Byee! 😉


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