39. 25 Facts About Pris.

  • I hate Donald Trump.
  • I’m a Scorpio.
  • I’m obsessed with coffee and candles.
  • I adore Tyler Oakley.
  • I like Connor Franta.
  • I love Troye Sivan.
  • I have secret crush on Emma Watson (I’m still straight, tho).
  • I take photography class because of Connor Franta.
  • I’m still not over the fact that MCR has broken up.
  • I have boy friends more than I have girl friends.
  • I’m a messy boy (girl, I mean).
  • I cried when I bought Connor’s book.
  • I cried when I bought Troye’s album.
  • I’ve seen solar eclipse without wearing special glasses, and I didn’t get blinded. But I couldn’t see anything for the next 5 minutes..
  • I like to make jokes, because I love to see my friends laughing; that really warms my heart.
  • I love to write fanfiction, this is embarrassing.
  • I won’t survive in the first 10 seconds of The Hunger Games.
  • I get sick easily, duh.
  • I want to be a YouTuber, a psychologist, or a lawyer.
  • I don’t have boyfriend, help.
  • My guilty pleasure is singing “YOUTH” while dancing like Troye in the shower.
  • I love rock musics because of Supernatural.
  • My first blogging experience back when I was eight years old.
  • I’m 5″2′, I’m really short.

So, yeah! That’s all! Leave a comment below what do you think about it and what do you want me to write for the next post!

Byee! πŸ˜‰


11 thoughts on “39. 25 Facts About Pris.

  1. First post of yours I read, is that weird?
    It made me smile anyway. What you said about your friends was very sweet.
    Don’t be embarrassed to write fanfiction. I think it’s fantastic! I used to write quite frequently (Harry Potter and similar ones) and now am working on my own novel. Writing fanfiction really helped me to develop my writing skills and gave me the confidence to pursue that. Keep writing, even if it’s just for fun!
    I don’t think I’m quite over MCR either.
    Oh, and gotta love Supernatural! Freaking awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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