40. Hiatus.

Hi, guys!

I’ve been writing some serius posts for the past days.

I just want to announce that I think I’m going to stop posting from this blog for a while.

I have another blog in Indonesian, and I should fill that blog with some interesting posts in Bahasa, so yeah. I think it’s impossible to run 2 blogs at the same time.

I want to write a loooooot of things that have been in my head for a long time, but to write it in English is such a difficult thing for me to do. If I write in Bahasa, it’d be easier for me to pour all of my deep thoughts into my posts. And my English is not good, so yeah.

If any of you interested on my other blog, kindly visit Brokoli Tengil. It’d be like my online diary.

So, see you next month, maybe?

Byee, or should I say, sampai jumpa! 😉


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