42. Distance.

Distance sometimes sucks.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or long-distance friendship, you’ll know why.

I have internet friends scattered all around the world in different countries with different timezones, and sometimes that sucks.

First, timezones. Yeah. When we’re chatting in our groupchat, we usually ask each other, ‘What time is it in your country?’ And it’s so fun, because the answers would be various. Most of us sometimes answer that it’s time for them to sleep but they don’t care, and that’s the fun thing about long-distance friendship.

Second, you barely see each other. Hell, you only know their face, and probably you won’t see them in person, and I think that’s the suck thing about the LDF.

Third, you’ll always need internet connection. Because, duh, you have to chat with them all the time, or maybe do a Skype call. You want to keep in touch with them, because they’re your friends.

And there’s a lot of other things why long-distance friendship is really fun, and sucks at the same time.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder, said by someone stronger than me.
-Troye Sivan

Friendship isn’t defined by how often you see the person or how often you talk to him or her.

While those are all key components that help to build friendships, every once in a while, you can come across a person with whom you have an immediate connection.

These connections are heartfelt connections; in other words, you just vibe.

These are people you can go months without speaking to, and it’s never awkward when you pick up the phone to call and chat or when you reunite face-to-face. These are the people you run into unexpectedly, and it makes your day better.

However, certain circumstances can test the relationships you have with said people.

You won’t be running into one another because of the physical distance between you, for instance; an ocean between the two of you adds a small deterrent to your relationship.

Even though your best friend is 3,000 miles away, you can still foster a connection and share a love for one another. Distance isn’t an obstacle if you don’t allow it to be.

But, because our souls are connected, it doesn’t matter if the ocean or a country boarders between us.

While long-distance friendships can sometimes be complicated and hard, you realize you have a soul mate, no matter if he or she is 3,000 miles away. For that, you are grateful.

Let me know in the comments below, have you been in long distance relationship (or friendship)? Tell me how do you cope with the distance and the timezones.

Byee! 😉


15 thoughts on “42. Distance.

  1. I know it seems strange, but two of my best friends and I met at a church camp nearly a year ago. She was the most optimistic, funny person I’ve ever known. I don’t have a cellphone or social media, so we communicate

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  2. I know it seems strange, but two of my best friends and I met a church camp nearly a year ago. She was the most optimistic, funny person I’ve ever known, and he was the nicest, most patient person I’d ever met. I don’t have a cellphone or social media, and most of the time our schedules conflict so we can’t talk on the phone. We still communicate through snail-mail, though let’s just say, while my guy friend tries…he can’t spell to save his life XD.

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  3. I have long distance friends all over the place, and it sucks. I know I’m not ever going to see half of them again, and that thought really destroys me. I have multiple friends in Argentina, some from Mexico, one in Japan, 2 in Korea, one in France, one in Canada, and multiple in the US. Long distance friendships suck.

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    1. Hey, finally someone understands what I feel! I know it sucks, but sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? You’ll feel this strong connection between you and your abroad friends, even if you barely see them or even never see them. Calm down, we’re in the same situation, OK? 👌


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