60. My Trending Stories

​Hey, guys! What is up? So, today, I have a pretty good news for me and maybe for you guys, too. Well, I don't know how you'd react to it, but let's get into it. Yesterday, I woke up in the morning, and as a normal person would do, I opened my phone and go …

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59. 5 Style Tips I Use Every Day

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I get excited about is what am I going to wear. and recently I've figured out that you can take an otherwise normal simple outfit and make it so much cooler by adding just a  couple little things to it. So today I'm …

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58. Content Creator

Guys, this post will be in Bahasa, so maybe if any of you who stumble upon this post wants me to translate it into English, just tell me in the comments below, OK? I love you guys always xx. Hai? Gue nggak biasa nulis pake Bahasa Indonesia, jadi mohon dimaklumi, OK? Dan gue harus pake …

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57. Unimportant Post

Yo, hi guys, I'm kinda bored for the past days because I didn't really know what to do for my holiday. My parents sre currently busy with their works, my sister is preparing for her graduation, and here I am just blogging around, liking some posts, etc. And you know what, I just realize that …

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Fellow readers, guess what? I am so excited right now! I'm so hype, I am hyperventilating, I can't breathe. Why? Because Troye effing Sivan has just released another song with Alessia Cara. And it was so good, and gold, and lit, and it's a masterpiece. I just can't even, oh my goodness gracious. *permission to …

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55. Gibberish

The promises you made left me with aches; Altough I'm fine, I lied. I'd break down. My hopes were high, you made it; I knew it, you'll crumble it. It's me who lost; lost myself. I lost myself for you. You never did. Your feelings that you hid. I was a fool for falling, falling …

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54. Life Teen Camp 2016

Hi, I'm back! So, for you guys who didn't know, I went on a Catholic youth camp from June 18th to 21th. I just got back home yesterday, and finally I could sleep on a proper bed, not in a sleeping bag like the one I used at the camp. So far, it was fun. …

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