AOTW: Blue Neighbourhood (2015)

So, I have an idea to share my favorite album at the moment with you guys. I put a Spotify player on my blog page if you want to look it up. It’s on the bottom if you look it from phone or a tablet, and it’s on the sidebar if you look it up from your computer or laptop. I call it ‘Album of The Week’, so each week I’m gonna pick different album so you guys know how various my taste in music genre.

For this week, I pick Blue Neighbourhood. As you guys know, my obsession with the one and only Troye Sivan is undeniable. I love his music and how he sings them, it’s really touching. The composition of the songs in the album is just incredibly perfect.

Hope you listen to that album, and if you guys don’t know, I made a review of that album because I bought it once and I cried when I bought it. You can read it here.

So that’s all I want to tell you. If you have any album recommendation, let me know. Maybe I’m gonna put it on Album of The Week! Just wait.

Byee! 😉


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