45. MOVIETALK: Freedom Writers (2007)

Let’s talk about movies!

Yesterday, I watched this movie called ‘Freedom Writers’ and the storyline really touched me. So I think I should share it with you guys.

The film is about a young new teacher named Erin Gruwell, who signed up to teach freshmen year at a local school. Time went by, the school was actually an A accredited, but (I’m sorry if this is offensive) the rating went down when a lot of troubled kids went there. Most of those kids had spent some time in prisoon, some joined gangs, some probably saw their relatives killed in front of their eyes.

First day teaching, Mrs. Gruwell kinda made bad impression for her class, but it didn’t stop her from making her class better than the honor class. She started to use her own metode to teach them, and the students seemed to accept what she did, and soon their grades went up from E to B.

One day, Mrs. G gave them an empty journal. They should wrote anything in that book everyday. If they wanted ber to read their book, they could put the book inside the cupboard in that class. Soon, all of the journals were inside that cupboard, ready to be read by her.

I almost cried when I heard all of their stories, remembering that this was a true story that has happened. My life is better than them, and I can’t even be more productive than them. They fought for their lives everyday.
All of Mrs. Gruwell did to them was very touching. She worked at three places so she could buy new books for her students, because the school didn’t want to support her.

I recommend you guys to watch this movie. It’s really educational for me and heart-touching at the same time. You will know how the nigger kind did to survive everyday and it made me sad.

That’s all I have for today! Let me know in the comments below, what should I watch next, because I still have 5 more days before my holiday’s over. If you have any recommendation of good award-winning movies, let me know!

Byee! 😉


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