46. Class of 2016

So, next week I’m gonna be graduated from junior high school. And I literally cannot wait for the senior high school life that I’m going to experience. But, I still wanna be a 9th grader, somehow.

My class, 26 kids, 13 boys and 13 girls. Anything could happen.

Our teacher (like our class main teacher) is a sociology teacher. She was nice, bubbly, talkative, but could be your worst nightmare.

There were a lot of things going on in our class, and most of them were embarrassing moments but funny at the same time.

There was this one time when after we passed the final first term exams, we decided to do a class gathering. One of my friends brought a movie and it was ‘The Conjuring’. We brought snacks and meals, so when we were watching it, there were noises of people chewing Cheetos or Pringles.

It was completely a horror movie, and it scared the shit out of me. There were a lot of jumpscares too, and we screamed literally through the entire movie. Some of us even threw the snacks towards the projector.

Like a few days after that, we still had those snacks in our classroom, so we decided to stack them all in a cupboard behind the classroom. There were chips, lots of chips actually, lots of peanuts, and a big box of sweets.

So, when there was no teacher in our class, we’d sneaked to the back, open the cupboard, and start handing the snacks to all of us, then we’d eat together.

Then, one day, we got busted.

Our math teacher, saw one of us chewing something when she taught us in front of the class. She was suspicious, and she saw a peanut skin on the floor. We all then explained the Conjuring moment and then we ended up eating those snacks.

Then, our English teacher also realized the cupboard that somewhow turned into a fridge full of snacks and drinks. She threw away all of the snacks, but she let us drank the remaining coke.

There’s another ridiculous experience.

So there was an old man’s house right beside the wall of our class. Every Monday, that man would burn all of his garbages. Even if we closed our windows, making sure that nothing could come in or out, that smoke would fill our class. We’d hyperventilate, but we could do nothing, because we have to stay still in our class or teachers would punish us.

Then, our English teacher (we have English on Monday) said suspiciously, “One of you was smoking in this class, wasn’t it?”

Right after she stated that, we got angry, and then explained all of the things. So then, every Monday at 8AM, we’d go outside the class and study at the school garden.

Pretty fun, I guess.

There’s a lot of things happened, but that’s not what I’m trying to say.

The point is, as we go on, we’ll remember all the times we spent together as classmates; the good, the bad, the funny one, the tragic one. Everything has its memories, and you probably will never let it go.

Let me know in the comments belo, have you experienced something funny with your friends, it could be pranks or things!

Byee! 😉


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