47. Birthday Boy.

Hey, hey!

Troye Sivan Mellet, I am so proud of you.


You’re 21 now, it’s legal for you to drink alcohol and get drunk. Just, go with your boyfriend and friends, go have fun.

I just wanna say thank you for all you’ve done to us. You never see us as ‘just fans’, you see us as your big family. Sometimes you wonder if we’re your kids, or you’re our kid. But, it’s the same. You’re a dad an 5-year-old kid at the same time.


You’ve come from a long way, boy. From your YouTube channel, from TRXYE, then WILD, and Blue Neighbourhood. I feel like you’re on top of the world now because of your success.

Your musics make us feel at ease, that’s a cool thing. You make us go wild, you’ve done everything for us. Soon, maybe, we’re gonna do the same for you. We’re always there for you if you need help.

Thank you, for making me understand everything. The LGBT youth really owe you for your coming out advices, you told us not to be afraid on coming out because that’s what we really are inside.


So, happy belated birthday, Troye. You’re 21, I know, but in our eyes, you’re still a 5-year-old kid a.k.a smol bean.

a fan in the crowd.


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