49. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.


Four words that are something more than just a Fall Out Boy song we play on full blast while singing along at the top of our lungs on a late night drive.

What it is, a  r e m i n d e r.

To not hold grudges and be bitter.

To let go of the past and accept that’s what is done is no longer.

Not everyone is going to be here forever, and that is completely okay.

People out grow each other. People are traveling in different directions, headed down their own path. Whether the ending terms were good or just plain awful, you move on.

You mustn’t dwell on the downfall but hold your head up high and plaster a smile on that beautiful, handsome, face of yours. But you mustn’t fake what you’re feeling either. You can be sad for the time being, but refuse to allow the sadness to suffocate you and follow you throughout your days.

Be happy that people made appearances in your life and have helped you grow as a person. Thank them for your memories and be on your way; because at one point in life, those memories were a key to your happiness.


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