53. Thoughts: Orlando & LGBTQ+ Community


This is just another post of me rambling about random things that are really bugging me right now.

So, last week, my idol who was a musician, a YouTuber, and a contestant on The Voice that I really loved but never talked about, Christina Grimmie, got shot in Orlando and died. She was on a meet and greet with her fans, and it was kind of made me cry when I read about that news. She truly didn’t deserve that.

On the same week, shootings happened at a gay bar during pride month in Orlando. 50 people died, and 53 people injured.

I just wanted to talk about those two events that happened in the same week.


I have never been so thrown or so torn up, or so deeply impacted by something, as much as this.

I didn’t know these people who died. Obviously there are people out there who much more personally affected by this, because maybe these people are in their lives.

But the thought of something like this happening, like during pride month to LGBTQ+ people, where they feel most safe and welcomed, these things independently hit me, and all in one week. It just felt like, I don’t know.. It really f***ed me up.

And I think about the people that lost their lives who had so much ahead of them, who were just celebrating life in a place where we should feel safe, and I think about other places where we should feel safe that things like this happened like preschools or churches. It really bugs me.

I think about all the people that might be reading this or who might be seeing all the news and feeling scared. I feel scared, too, even if we live in different country, the possibility of the same event happens too here is just really makes me scared to death.

I just feel like, you are magical. You’re worth the live you’re living right now. I love you, you’re great. I don’t want you to read this and feel like, you live in a world where you can’t be your true self.

And I think about the people thay were killed, and some of them might’ve been closeted, and their family and friends are just now figuring out who they really were. Because they’re seeing them on a list of people that were shot at a gay bar. That’s so unfair.


I’ve been in this community for half of a year, because I’m a queer. I’ve seen a glimpse of their happiness out of their closet and I feel their happiness too, and that makes me happy as well. Being in this community is a blessing for me, there’s nothing wrong with them. It doesn’t matter what people might tell you, and no violent act is gonna change that this life that we are living is a blessing.

We’re here. I know that life is hard for the LGBTQ+ people, but we’re doing it. LGBTQ+ people are strong and resilient, and we’re going to make it through this, and we’re going to change the world. We already have, we will continue to do so. We’re going to keep showing up, we’re still going to go celebrate pride. We’re not going to go away.

Straight people, thank you for supporting the community, and amplifying our voices during this time when it’s been really challenging for donating blood, when you can, where you can. Because I heard that a lot of places, people are not able to give blood as gay men.

Isn’t it crazy that people in Orlando whose best friends might havs just been shot, can’t go donate blood to help save them. It’s another thing to talk about at other time.

I feel like right now, what am I supposed to be doing? What can I do to help the people who suffered. Like I feel like I should be doing something. I can’t do nothing except praying for the victims because I live in different countries, and my country is like a homophobic country who will never legalize same sex marriage. That’s another shame thing about my lovely country.

Whether you have one follower or ten million followers, if you want to get involved, I think you should. You can contact your government officials. You can tell them what’s important to you, if that’s LGBT rights, or gun control. You have the power to do that.

It’s okay to grieve and to take a moment for yourself and remembering in honor for the people who were killed at the tragedy. If you can’t take care of yourself first, you can’t help others. You can’t help the community.

As much as I want to help you guys, I’d do my best. I can’t do that unless I’m making sure that I’m dealing with all of those things.


I’m writing this, trying to express my anger on politicians who offer thoughts and prayers, instead of actually doing something from their place of powers. If I were shot and killed (and that’s not gonna happened, heaven forbid), if a politician did those things offered my family prayers instead of creating a gun controls law and protecting people, that’s really unreal for me.

You can offer thoughts and prayers if that’s what you wanted to do, but do something. Please do something that’s going to actually make changes, and prevent it from happening to anybody else.

That’s what I think.

Once again, this is just another post of me rambling on about the most sensitive topic in this world. If you have any thoughts about this, leave it in the comments below, I’ll try my best to answer your comments one by one. I just kind of need some moments to be with myself and think about all of the things that has happened last week.


9 thoughts on “53. Thoughts: Orlando & LGBTQ+ Community

  1. Beautifully written, sensitive and moving. I totally agree, we are all human, religion, race, gender and sexual preferences shouldn’t matter at all in this day and age. A fitting tribute by a mature and thoughtful voice- very proud of you x

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  2. Me: V

    Fisrt of all, I love this post so much ❀
    Second of all, you are totally right about the whole politician thing- in other countries and in mine. I do love and respect my country but it's so darn annoying when our politician's offer sympathy to Orlando… while being completely anti-gay. I mean if they are really feeling sympathetic, I think they should do something about section 377 of the IPC and stop treating the LGBT community like freaks.
    We all live on this earth and love is love no matter if it's for the same gender.
    Again- loving this post so much!

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  3. Hi, beautifully written and such a difficult topic to write on as everyone is hurting over this atrocity in Orlando. Words are expressed but the exact feeling is hard to describe there just are not words for this. People do not understand a good person is good regardless of their race, religion or sexual preference. It is time for people to wake up.

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