54. Life Teen Camp 2016

Hi, I’m back!

So, for you guys who didn’t know, I went on a Catholic youth camp from June 18th to 21th. I just got back home yesterday, and finally I could sleep on a proper bed, not in a sleeping bag like the one I used at the camp.


So far, it was fun. Like, there’s outdoor games, and then singing, dancing, there’s bonfire and stuff. We slept on a tent, of course, and one tent filled with six people so it was pretty uncomfortable to sleep in a not-so-small tent with five people beside you.


I don’t know what to say, at first I kinda didn’t want to go to the camp because I thought I can’t socialize with people. I hate meeting new people, like maybe I have to introduce myself first, and then etc etc etc. I am an introvert, and I prefer sitting on the corner than meeting new people.

But in this camp, I met a lot of new people and so far, they’re nice. Well, there’s some who were like famous kids from their school and they decided not to make new friends because they feel like they’re too famous to be friends woth. I met new people, with different personality, boys and girls, they’re easy-going, I kinda miss them.


There’s this one time when the bonfire has lit up, one of us became a DJ and the we jammed through the night, and that was so fun. We jumped in happiness, with glowstick in our hands, and sang and danced. There’s fireworks, and we literally didn’t sleep until 2am in the morning.






Yeah, it was so fun.

That’s all I want to talk about! I’m really tired, but I’m happy and it was a pleasure to join that camp. I have a month of holiday, and I’m still tired (like I said), so maybe I’m gonna spend my day sleeping and get massage because my back hurts so bad.

Byee! πŸ˜‰


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