69. 11 : 11

11 : 11 : this is the time that you should make a wish, and it usually does come true if you believe it. '11 : 11' is a thing that everyone does on Twitter when the clock strikes at exactly 11:11 o'clock. For me, it's like the time to tweet my wishes while hoping …

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68. Trust Issues and Socializing With New People.

So, for you guys who didn't know, the school has started, and I got accepted in a public school, and it's the best school (I think) in my area. I am in high school now and it's like a challenge for me to be more easy-going and stuff. As time went by, it's the fourth …

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67. Ma, Please.

​As written in my about page, this blog is also like my diary, so I could write whatever I want here. You know what? I'm feeling a bit down today, remembering that next week the school will start again. But, that's not the only thing that makes me sad. My mum. Yes. Well, back at …

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66. The Search for Happiness.

Such an interesting title. You know, people these days don't really look happy, and maybe they're not happy because they don't know what things or occasions that will make them happy, that will bring them happiness. I bought a novel titled Hector and The Search for Happiness, and it is such an interesting novel. It's …

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65. Regarding My YouTube Career.

Hey, readers! I didn't write since 4 days ago, and I am sorry because I was on my vacation. It was great, I had so much fun. But, anyway, let's get straight to the topic. Remember about my old post where I wrote about I wanted to post a video on YouTube? So, while I …

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64. Do I Have To?

When you're forced to be something you're not, you develop a lie which gradually builds up and a weight on your heart that does the same then one day you might forget. And when you forget why you've been living your life constantly lying to other people, and you decided that letting the truth slip …

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63. Q&A! #AskPris

It is time for my first Q&A, yayy!  So, on my previous post I asked you guys to send me some questions that I have to answer in this post, and you guys seemed interested and asked a lot. Without further ado, let's go! Rissaid would like to know a few things! How old are you? …

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