62. An Open Letter to Connor Franta

Today is the day when the Frandom kinda freaked out because Connor posted a video of him crying on Instagram but soon he deleted it because there were so much hates on him. He’s sad, feeling unwanted by his fans, and I just want to let him know that it is not true. #WeLoveYouConnor

July 1st, 2016.

Dear Connor,

I write this to you, conscious on the fact that you may never lay your green eyes on these words I type on my laptop right now. But I want to let you know, whatever hell you are going through, whatever obstacles you’re now facing, whatever demon you’re fighting, you will get through this. Everything will be okay. No matter how impossible it seems, things will work out. 

You are loved. Your charisma, your soothing words, your cheerful laugh, your green eyes, your thin delicate lips, your incredible way of thinking, the way of you seeing this world in different perspective, your aesthetic sense in everything you do, all of you, you are loved.

Your words of wisdom, your hope-filling smile, none of us can get enough. We are obsessed with an outstanding and amazing human named Connor Joel Franta. No words could perfectly describe how f(r)antastic you are. You once said,

Some day we do not feel the best,

a little down, a little stressed.

But know this, my dear,

lights will appear,

once the clouds part and

shine your lost cheer.

You will be alright, cry if it makes you feel better, grieve if it does. Everyone has those hazy gray days. We’re all human, we all came into this world with heavy package of problems on each of our back, but the problems itself makes this life worth living for.

Talk to the people who can hold you close, the people you trust the most. And if you don’t want to, you could express your emotions in many ways. Just be comfortable, take your time, we all know you need it. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy again. You deserve better, you will get through this. Don’t worry, Con, a rainbow only shows up when the rain ends.

You’re always there for us, now it’s our turn to return the favor. We love you always, and we’re ready to support you. Always.

Lots of love,



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