65. Regarding My YouTube Career.

Hey, readers! I didn’t write since 4 days ago, and I am sorry because I was on my vacation. It was great, I had so much fun. But, anyway, let’s get straight to the topic.

Remember about my old post where I wrote about I wanted to post a video on YouTube?

So, while I was on vacation, I went to a flower park. If you’re an Indonesian, you probably know the name ‘Taman Bunga Nusantara’. Basically that place is full flowers, and they were soooooo pretty. It divided into a few sections, such as American, France, Japanese, and I forgot the rest of it.

And, if you’re probably wondering, yes, I took some pictures. But mostly I took the pictures with my DSLR camera and I haven’t moved it to my laptop. I was like an adventurer at the park because the park was so huge and I was like wandering around on my own, with my camera and my phone, ready to capture some pretty flowers.

The rest of the pictures are in my DSLR camera, so maybe next time I’ll post them all here.

And of course, I didn’t just took pictures, I also vlogged the entire trip (you could say that)!

Vlogging is pretty hard for me because:

  1. The camera was heavy (DSLR, so yeah).
  2. People were staring at me.
  3. I am not a professional vlogger like Alfie Deyes
  4. ..
  5. ..

Pretty much the list will go on and on and on.

But, anyway, I vlogged, and after I got home, I edited it and literally it was the hardest part in vlogging. I use Windows MovieMaker because duh I don’t use MacBook so I don’t have FCPX. I wanted to use Adobe Premiere but it costs a lot!

So, I edited, cut a few parts that I don’t want you guys to see, put background music. And, done.

And then, I uploaded it, but then I got a warning about the copyright problem (it’s because the background music). So I put it down and uploaded another one.


I know it’s a bit crappy because my camera is not really good, but let me know in the comments below what do you think about it! And also, don’t subscribe because my YouTube career is unpredictable. But if you want, you’re welcome.

Byee! 😉

P.S: CONNOR FRANTA NOTICED ME ON TWITTER, HE REPLIED TO MY TWEET. I WAS IN THE BATHROOM, AND I TRIPPED OH MY GOD I CAN’T EVEN. If you want to check, go to my twitter @fonderfranta or @ConnorFranta.



14 thoughts on “65. Regarding My YouTube Career.

  1. Who is alfie deyes n connor franta.? Hmmm I plagiarize music on youtube all the time just use less popular music 😀 jealous much my friend took me to the national museum in Jakarta but we changed our plans cos the queue was too massive. Have to visit those beautiful gardens outside imagination land. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well Alfie and Connor are like famous vlogger, and they have more than 3 millions subscribers on their YouTube channel! National Museum is a nice place, I’ve been there thrice and I heard now they allow the visitors to play Pokémon Go there 😂


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