69. 11 : 11

11 : 11 : this is the time that you should make a wish, and it usually does come true if you believe it.

’11 : 11′ is a thing that everyone does on Twitter when the clock strikes at exactly 11:11 o’clock. For me, it’s like the time to tweet my wishes while hoping they’ll come true, and the world knows about it.

It’s 10:45 AM while I’m writing this, so in order of introducing ’11:11′ thing to you guys, I’m gonna write down all of my wishes, all of my impossible wishes, and hoping for the best that they will come true soon or at some point in my life. And I’m gonna post it at 11:11AM, so enjoy!

  • 11:11 I could survive highschool for the next three years.
  • 11:11 Everyone that I love is happy and well.
  • 11:11 Connor Franta follows me on Twitter (obviously).
  • 11:11 I can make friends in highschool.
  • 11:11 I can try to be less introvert.
  • 11:11 Everyone that follows this blog is happy, and get entertained all the time with this blog.
  • 11:11 Everyone that reads this will have a successful life, and I’m hoping for the best for you.
  • 11:11 Someone that I love is happy and get to meet the love of his life.
  • 11:11 Troye Sivan will announce the Asia tour as soon as possible.
  • 11:11 This blog will grow to a bigger community than it used to.

    FYI, I’m writing this in Biology class, because I think my blog is kinda more important than my education (sometimes, okay). Besides, there’s no teacher, and we don’t do anything, so I use my time by writing on this blog.

    Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this! Or maybe you could write down your 11:11 wishes in the comments below!

    Anyway, I have two awards coming, so if you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you will get nominated! So keep your eyes on this blog 24/7, wait no I’m kidding. Just wait, okay. Because I have tons of homeworks to do, so be patient.

    Byee! 😉


    8 thoughts on “69. 11 : 11

    1. Ha ha ha! At least you’re using your time in Biology more constructively than I used to! We just annoyed the teacher and messed around…I like the idea of 11:11, never heard that before. Have a good day
      : ) xxx


      1. Well, we don’t really can annoyed the teacher because they are soooo easy to get pissed and won’t think twice to give the naughty kids punishments haha. Anyway, thank you! Still working on those homeworks tho 🙂 xx. Have a good day too! 😆

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    2. What do you learn about in biology. ? My friends had to look after chickens cut up frogs n accidentally fermented grape juice turning it into wine. I will treat your wishes like prayer requests n diligently seek God about them. Please let me know if any come true. I pray our friendship lasts as long as I have breath.
      Your blog is one form of your education 😁
      I know you educate me
      I chose art over biology
      Was it an option for you. ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You know, the usual Biology stuff, like genetics 😂 And thank you for your thought to pray for my wishes, I’m gonna pray for yours too! Wishing all the best for you, and your family, and everyone that you love. And yes, our friendship will last forever (is forever really that long, I hope yes). 💕

        Liked by 1 person

        1. What about genetics. ? U can get scarves with your dna design printed on it. Its funny how melanin levels vary between islands and continents. Thanks for reassuring me that our friendship is eternal. ❤forever is your blogs other name. May the flames of friendship love burn forever in our hearts

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