74. Suicide Prevention and Announcement.

Life is full of hope, life is full of endless possibilities, but not if you're feeling hopeless. And sometimes, most of those hopeless people prefer to end their hopeless life than continue to living this life into the better one. Suicide is like a pretty big problem here in my country (not really, but I'm …

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73. 200+ Followers

​It feels almost yesterday that I decided to hit publish on my "100+ followers" post two months ago I think. And here I am, sitting in Math class with a completely surprised face, seeing a notification that saying, 'You've received 200 follows on Limitless Blog. Your current tally is 202.' And I am like, 'Wow, …

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72. Self-Harm 

If any of you is triggered with this kind of post, please don't read this, because this thing is bugging me right now. So, it was a nice evening. I was doing my homework, listening to some classic musics while scrolling through my Instagram timeline. I was really annoyed by the new Instagram update, which …

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71. This Is My Version

​We're not a commercial for everyone else; It was a commercial for all curious eyes; We go out for coffee and keep to ourselves; the cups are now empty, and so is my heart; We make a little homes out of three-star hotels; the homes that we had are just names we sleep on; and …

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70. Hiatus pt. Trois 

Hey, my lovely readers! *gives you all virtual hugs* I am so, so, so sorry for not posting ANYTHING for a week, maybe? Or two weeks? I don't know, I lost count. You know what, life is pretty good. I still haven't met my true friend (is that correct?), but I'm pretty close now with …

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