70. Hiatus pt. Trois 

Hey, my lovely readers! *gives you all virtual hugs*

I am so, so, so sorry for not posting ANYTHING for a week, maybe? Or two weeks? I don’t know, I lost count.

You know what, life is pretty good. I still haven’t met my true friend (is that correct?), but I’m pretty close now with some of my new friends. As I’ve written, they are nice, easy-going, etc etc. 

But, I’m pretty stressed. There are tons of homeworks and projects to do, and I don’t really feel I can fit into this new society. I mean, literally I never say anything in class except if someone asks me something and I’ll answer them as simple as I can, because I don’t really like to interact (except via texting).

The point is, I am stressed right now, and I don’t think I have times to actually sit down, relax, and blogging again, just like the good ol’ days. I get back home at 4PM-ish, and my friend has to stay for a while at my house because she has to order Uber, and stuff. So, basically I only have time from 7PM to 9PM, because it’s the time I have to sleep (don’t judge).

So, sadly, I’m gonna be on hiatus (again) until.. I don’t know, September or October maybe? 

I hope you guys are fine with that, because I really need some time to figure out how to cope with these school things and stuffs, because I am freshman. 

So, how was life? Were you fine without me posting daily like I used to? Tell me all the things that I’ve missed back when I’m gone, and leave it in the comments below! I’m still online until tomorrow, and on the next day I’m gonna be offline from the blogging world.

Byee! 😉

P.S.: You know what, Trois sounds like Troye, and that makes me remember that I’m gonna be like Troye, not posting anything for a loooooooooooong time. Sorry, guys!


5 thoughts on “70. Hiatus pt. Trois 

  1. Lovely to hear from you *virtual big hugs back* It sounds like you are getting on and doing things, just as you should be ! You sound busy and packed full of things to do-told you before, don’t worry about friends too much, they will find you. WordPress will be waiting for you when you’re ready to return, as will your internet mum : ) xxx

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  2. Hey pris! I’m back with a new post like a week ago, but then things just got very busy and the new class and environment was just a thing to adapt and projects are coming up so I feel you so much girl 💓 wishing you the best xx

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