71. This Is My Version

We’re not a commercial for everyone else;

It was a commercial for all curious eyes;

We go out for coffee and keep to ourselves;

the cups are now empty, and so is my heart;

We make a little homes out of three-star hotels;

the homes that we had are just names we sleep on;

and I know what you’re feeling, ’cause I feel it as well.

I still feel the same way, but now you are gone.

(08 / 15 / 16)

Today is the day when I finally can completely let go of my past love life (which is not really succeed). The italic words are the one that describe my past love life, and the normal font ones are the one that describe my recent feeling. 

Don’t hate on me, I know I sound like an attention seeker, but I feel like I should post this as a reminder that I could never really trust anyone that I love, because one day they could break your heart to pieces.

So, this is my version of heartbreak. This is how I get over him.


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