82. My Obsession with Hamilton.

​Last week, we talked about coming out and LGBTQ stuffs. For this week, let's talk about a lighter topic: my latest obsession with Hamilton. This post is not about Lewis Hamilton the racer, nor Bethany Hamilton the surfer.  This post is about Hamilton: The Musical. For you guys who lives in America or a Broadway lover, …

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81. Coming Out.

I stay here out of fear Fear of judgement, fear of ridicule But most of all, fear of abandonment. I’m afraid that if I come out of this lonely little closet What waits beyond will be a much greater peril Or perhaps it will be the release I’ve been looking for So I’ll take a …

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Q & Gay (failed)

​My lovely internet mum Samantha Murdoch asked: 'At what age did you first realize that you're different?' I'm just gonna answer this here because no one else asked (which is awkward, but it's okay, I'm used to it): I realized that I was kinda different with other kids back when I was in the ninth grade, and …

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80. Rants about Stuff and Unimportant Things.

I am confused. I feel like I haven't interacted with you guys for a week (maybe). I have a lot of things in my mind right now, my life is so busy at the moment. And, I feel lonely. Sometimes I just want a day-off from school, and just sit in my room, relaxing for …

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79. 24 Reasons to Love Connor Franta.

"to the boy with yellow hearts and floral soul; i hope you know that when you smile, all the sunflowers turn towards you instead of the sun." His smile and laugh. His personality. His poetry skill. His photography skill. His calming voice. His messy hair. His pride when he say that he's gay. He's too …

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78. Harry Potter Spell Tag.

​I have to thank Samantha Murdoch, my internet mum, for nominating me for this. Wait, not nominating, because I asked her if I can do this cool tag. Anyway, thanks for letting me do this! Go check out her blog 🙆. So the tag is primarily directed towards Harry Potter fans, but it's a fun thing to do! …

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77. Rants: School.

​I'm gonna rant about school. School here is one of those things that some people don't like but still have to do it EVERYDAY, and can't avoid it. School can be your nicest friend, or could be your worst nightmare. First, about friends. I think it's SO HARD to pick potential BFFs among dickheads, and …

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