80. Rants about Stuff and Unimportant Things.

I am confused.

I feel like I haven’t interacted with you guys for a week (maybe). I have a lot of things in my mind right now, my life is so busy at the moment. And, I feel lonely.

Sometimes I just want a day-off from school, and just sit in my room, relaxing for a while, and just not think about anything. Because I realize that life is more complicated than I thought. Life is a bit cruel (sometimes), and life can be nice. I don’t know, I am confused.

I am confused, and snervous (scared and nervous) about school, about my ‘socializing’ skill, about my trust issues, about my depression and anxiety, about what would I become in the future. Like, will I make it? Will I become a successful person, or a poor person? The thought of that really scares me.

Another thing that’s bugging my mind is about my sexuality, which is kinda an awkward topic to talk about. LGBTQ+ is like an open community now, but of course there are people who still can’t accept it. And if you’re wondering, I still don’t know if I’m straight or not. I just feel like I’m a little bit different from the others. And if I’m not straight (which is maybe), what would my parents said about it? How am I supposed to come out to them if they’re homophobic? Will they hate me? Does God hate me? Will my friends hate me too? 

Things are complicated.

Anyway, that’s all I want to talk about today. If you’re reading this, thank you. I appreciate you. Sometimes I’m kinda pissed if I write something passionately and no one reads it. So, thank you again.

I’m planning on changing this blog’s ‘daily-but-is-messed-up-now’ post into weekly post, because obviously I can’t really write daily now except if I write a few drafts then I post it on different days. But, no. It’s weekly post now, and I’ll write every Friday. I don’t know, I love Fridays. Maybe it’s because I get home earlier on Fridays rather than usual days. 

Okay. See you on the next #LimitlessFriday!

Byee! 😉


4 thoughts on “80. Rants about Stuff and Unimportant Things.

  1. I know you’ve been busy with school-how’s choir going?-so don’t give yourself extra pressure about posting.
    Don’t worry about your sexuality either..try before you buy if you see what I mean! Obviously be sensible though..be comfortable with yourself before you decide anything major-likewise friends, etc. don’t rush, it’ll happen 🙂
    What else? Oh yes, I can’t answer for your parents, but regardless, they love you-you write with such sensitivity and depth. Love you lots, internet daughter : ) xxx

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  2. Me: V

    As Samanthamurdochblog says, don’t pressurize yourself too much about posting if you’re busy. Also, things are gonna work out for you, don’t worry 🙂 Don’t stress about the socializing or what your parents will think because, although I don’t know you in real life, you are an amazing person xx

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