Q & Gay (failed)

​My lovely internet mum Samantha Murdoch asked: ‘At what age did you first realize that you’re different?’

I’m just gonna answer this here because no one else asked (which is awkward, but it’s okay, I’m used to it):

I realized that I was kinda different with other kids back when I was in the ninth grade, and I had my first internet friend back then and she’s bisexual, and I had this thought that kept screaming in my head, ‘What if I’m gay, what if I’m bi?’ There were a lot of ‘what if’s and the thought of me being something I didn’t really know scared me so much, and I am still scared. So, that’s it 🙂 xx.

I’m going to talk about this topic more on Friday, so wait.



4 thoughts on “Q & Gay (failed)

  1. Bless you for answering 🙂 My best friend is gay and he realised when he was five. I know someone else who went through marriage and kids before he realised his true sexuality. It’s one of those things..you’ll know when you’re ready : )xxx


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