82. My Obsession with Hamilton.

​Last week, we talked about coming out and LGBTQ stuffs. For this week, let’s talk about a lighter topic: my latest obsession with Hamilton.

This post is not about Lewis Hamilton the racer, nor Bethany Hamilton the surfer. 

This post is about Hamilton: The Musical.

For you guys who lives in America or a Broadway lover, you must’ve heard the name ‘Hamilton’ somewhere. In magazine, news, awards, the streets, or anywhere else. Hamilton is like the latest talk in America other than the ‘election’ thing.

[Anyway, please don’t vote for Donald Trump, thank you. #ImWithHer]

Americans know the name Hamilton probably from History subject, Alexander Hamilton. He’s one of the founding fathers of America, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong, because I don’t really know about American History.

So in 2009 (sometime around that year), Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Broadway star, got a chance to perform at the White House in front of President Obama and Michelle Obama. He should’ve sung a song from his latest Broadway play (I forgot the name), but instead he sang a song he had been working on about one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The President gave a standing applause, but the rest of people laughed that time.

Now, look who’s laughing now.

Hamilton got 16 nomination at the Tony Awards and it’s like a record. It got a Grammys for Best Musical or Teater something. The tickets for Hamilton play are always sold out. Hamilton is like on the top of the Broadway world now.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator, composer, song-writer, director, and one of Hamilton’s actors (which he plays as Hamilton himself) I think is a genius man. Like, I couldn’t imagine 46 songs came from a human brain, plus the melody and the lyrics that rhyme perfectly. 

Anyway, Hamilton’s songs are hip-hop songs, with raps and melodies, it’s like the best thing you could ask for. The songs tell us stories about:

  • a brief history of Hamilton himself (in Alexander Hamilton song)
  • about Hamilton and Burr’s meeting in a bar (it’s fictional but it’s good), then they met Lafayette, Laurens, and Mulligan (in Aaron Burr, Sir)
  • about King George-something’s anger over someone (in You’ll Be Back)
  • about Aaron Burr’s soliloquy (in Wait For It)
  • about the battle of Yorktown (in Yorktown)
  • about Hamilton’s death (in Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story)
  • and many more.

I made a playlist if you guys are curious about Hamilton on Spotify, I’m gonna put it on ‘Music of the Week’ section on my homepage.

Probably my biggest dream now is to watch Hamilton live. I’ve seen some of the live performances on YouTube, and they are outstanding. I mean, it is so amazing, I could burst into tears if I was there watching it live, seeing Lin performed.

Hamilton for me is like the best musical so far. I mean, Les Miserables is amazing, Annie is good, Wicked is nice, et cetera. But Hamilton is REALLY GOOD. If you live in America, then you don’t have to study real hard to memorize the history of your country. Just listen to Hamilton, you’ll remember the history, all of it.

I first knew Hamilton from my senior at school, she loves Hamilton and I was curious about it, so I gave it a listen, then I started to like it and listened to it everyday. Hamilton sometimes helps me to escape reality, because I don’t have friends. (I have but not that many). Just putting on my earbuds, play the songs, and I could imagined them performed in front of me. It’s just— Really amazing.

That’s all I have for today, let me know in the comments below if you know any musical play that you like, maybe I could give it a listen because I need some good musics since Troye won’t release new song until December. 

Please listen to Hamilton, it could change your life, and maybe could give you some knowledge about American History.

See you next week!



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