83. Meeting My Internet Friends!

Internet friends are such a big part in my life.

I spend my time 24/7 on the internet, and those people are always there for me, even though we’re not in the same town, or the same country. People say don’t be friends with people on the internet because they could be bad, but no. Some of these people are nice, you just have to filter them. (get what I mean?)

Having internet friends is so hard, because:

  • they could be asleep while you’re awake
  • you guys are not even in the same country
  • the thought of you all gather at a meet-up stress you out because it costs a lot.
  • you never talk  or see their faces (well, if you use Skype, you can, but you can’t actually see them live)
  • when you’re in love with your internet friend and you’d be in a long-distance relationship and it sucks.

I have more than 10 internet friends in this country (Frandom, come join us). We’re mostly in the same fandom, same interests, and other similarity. There are 3 people that I mostly communicated to, and fortunately they’re in the same town as I am.

One day, the four of us decided to do a meet-up; it’s like a private event (not really private, but you do it in public places) where you meet people on the internet and see them live.

“Oh my god, I can’t wait!” texted one of my internet friends. “I wanna see your faces and hear your voices and hug you all!”

2nd October, 2016: the day when we finally met.

We planned to meet-up at a book fair, so we could hunt books together there. I asked one of my classmates and my lil’ sister to come along with me in case if the meet-up went awkward.

Two of my internet friends arrived first at the book fair, and they came with three other people. When they said that they have arrived, I quickly went there. I arrived and waited at the lobby, along with my confused/excited friend and my sister.

“Where are you guys?? Im at the lobby!!” I messaged them.

Suddenly I heard someone calling (no, screaming) my name. “PRIS!”

Two people ran towards me and pulled me into a tight hug. We just huddled there, hugging each other among the crowd, holding back our tears. It was like a dream come true.

We slowly let go each other, and I introduced them to my friend and  my sister, and they et along really fast. It wasn’t awkward at all.

We decided to wander around the fair while waiting one more person to show up, she was late because she was waiting for her driver. I brought along my camera and I forgot to vlog the meet-up. Silly me. We stopped at an imported books section, and I went wild. I was searching for A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. And yes, I know I already have it, but I want the new cover version! I can’t handle the thirst.

When I kinda gave up, I saw something. No way, I thought as I walked towards the book to get a clearer view. There it was, BINGE by Tyler Oakley, untouched, wrapped in plastic. I held back my tears, trying not to cry in public and fangirling as I walked towards the cashier and pay the book.

Literally right after I finished paying that precious thing, my classmate poked me. “Isn’t that your internet friend?” she asked while pointing at someone with flower crown, short brown hair, black-framed glasses, galaxy backpack, and wore Twenty One Pilots t-shirt.

Oh my god, I thought as I approached her and hugged her. She literally looked like Dan Howell.

OK, enough. I’m getting emotional.

One of the memorable moments from the meet-up is that we decided to draw cat whiskers on our faces with eyeliner, and it was like the cutest thing in the world. Fortunately, by the grace of heavenly God above, I remembered to vlog it, and here’s the result:

It was one of the best day in my life, and I didn’t forget to take pictures.

*the one in black TOP t-shirt is a girl that cosplayed as Dan Howell the meme lord*

That’s all I have for today! Let me know in the comments below: have you ever met someone from the internet, and how was the meet-up?

See you on the next post! Probably I’m going to review a book or a movie, I don’t know. Let me know what do you want!



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