Others: 2016 U.S. Election

“Today is a sad day.

Hate has trumped love. (No pun intended)

America is in the hands of a racist, bigoted, sexist and predatory man with facist tendencies. Those of us who hold love over hate, who welcome rather than discriminate, who prioritise our environment over economic gain, won’t let this put us off.

If anything this provides more of a motivation. If those who are elected to lead us won’t… then we will.

We will accept all race, religions, sexualities, nationalities and gender.

We will care for our environment and endeavour to find peace, both amongst each other and with the planet we live on.

Walls and discrimination are not the answer… history has told us this time and time again. Trump can build all the divisions he wants but when the temperatures increase, the sea levels rise and the oceans flood, walls, borders and nationalities will bare no importance.

We will just be one race, living on one piece of rock and struggling for survival.

We need to keep together, to keep open hearted, open minded and prioritise compassion both for each other and our planet over hate, discrimination and fear.”

Jack Harries.


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