Thoughts: 2016 U.S. Election

Today is a pretty rough day for me, and for all of us maybe, especially the Americans.

I am the only kid in my school who looks really affected by the result of the election, the others don’t really think about it because they think that it’s not their problem.

The election has been an interesting topic for me since January. I got interested when my mum said back then that the only qualified candidate according to her is either Hillary Clinton or Ben Carson (because my mum really idolized Carson). I remembered back then when I pointed at the TV towards the face of an old man with pale skin and yellow-ish hair. “He doesn’t look like a good person,” I said to my mum. My mum then told me everything all about this man called Donald Trump, and since then I hate Donald Trump.

Throughout this year, the topic of election always been my favorite. It’s the only topic that I can discuss with my mum (since she’s only interested on law stuffs), and I could ramble on about Trump and other candidates for hours.

When the candidates retreated one by one, I began to worried. “What if he won?”. There were lots of ‘what if’s in my mind that time. I just couldn’t imagine a man like Trump rule a great country like America. It doesn’t feel right..

When Bernie Sanders backed off from the election, the Americans only got two choices: Clinton or Trump. I, personally think, that Hillary is more qualified than Trump obviously, because her husband is a former president of America so I think she would’ve known the ‘do and don’t’ lists. She thinks about the major topics such as LGBTQ rights, gun controls, climate changes, and stuffs. While Trump on the other side, thinks the opposite. Trump-Pence is the worst duo I think I’ve ever known in my life. They’re both anti-LGBTQ, and Pence still wants to do conversion therapy to the LGBTQ people so they’d turn back to ‘straight people’, and it’s such a cruel thing.

I watched every single debate of Clinton-Trump, and it made me more convinced that people should vote for Hillary, not that old rotten pumpkin Trump. Still, Obama is better than Hillary, but if you only have to option like that, well, please vote for the best: Hillary Clinton. And, as you know, Clinton was always ahead of Trump in the polling, and it relieved me and made me calm because I thought that Clinton would be the president for sure.

This morning, I went to school, worried about the election. Hey, I am not an American and I don’t even live in the U.S., but my feelings say that if Trump got elected, bad things will happen for the next four years. I played it off, hid my feelings in front of my friends. Well, if they knew that I was worried because of the election, they’d probably gonna mock me because they thought the election is not their problem.

I checked on Google every minutes about the election, the electoral collage for Trump went higher and Clinton’s stayed still. I literally almost had panic attack because I can’t imagine what would the American feel if Trump got elected. Around 2.30PM here, my friend came to me, looked devastated. “He won,” he mouthed.

That time, I almost dropped my phone. My worst nightmare, happened.

I am not an American, and I am scared. America is the greatest country in the world, and you the Americans don’t need an old rotten pumpkin like Donald Trump to make it great again. Donald Trump is going to tear America slowly, and he’s likely to start World War III (heaven forbids).

I’m just.. so disappointed on those who voted for Trump. What were you thinking? Do you think a racist, sexist, a fool like Trump is qualified to run for president of the greatest country in the world? And I’m also disappointed on those who voted on Harambe and stuff. The election is not a fucking joke. 18.000 votes wasted.

I’m scared, like legit scared. The Muslims, the LGBTQ community, the Latinos, the black people, the immigrants, they’re all scared to when Donald Trump name hit the news as the ‘president elect’. And I’m scared about the so-called ‘conversion therapy‘ too, and I feel really bad for the American LGBTQ people. I can’t do nothing here, but I encourage you: do not stop fighting. You guys are stronger together. Spread love, not hate. Donald Trump is just a figure, you’re the one who run your country. America is already great without Trump.

Stay safe, stay alive.

I’m just such in a bad mood right now, bad things happened to me today and tomorrow is my birthday and for the first time in 15 years I don’t want my birthday to get celebrated, I just want to grieve and cry because of all the problems: including the election.

@DonaldTrump: thank you for making me dont want to celebrate my own birthday.

I’m sorry if anyone get butthurt because of this, I just wanted to state my mind out loud since I don’t really have friends to talk about this topic.

I’ll see you on the next post, bye. This is just aside.

Stay alive, my friends. |-/


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