87. Birthday Haul 2016

Last week on November 10th, I became 16 years old. Yes, it is my birthday. I feel really old because my friends are all 15 years old while I’m already 16 here, gosh.

Anyway, there’s no celebration for this year’s birthday somehow, but it’s okay I’m used to it. I got birthday greetings from parents, sister, relatives, internet friends, acquintances, and a few schoolmates (because I don’t really make friends at school). And of course, I got presents somehow, even if I don’t really want them.

First, I got these cute succulents from my mum (thanks mum, if you’re reading this). I have this weird obsession with succulents and tiny plants, because they look so cute and tiny and I just want to squish them. Besides, they look really aesthetic and on point if you put them in cute pots.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I once read an article and it said that if you name a plant (not with Latin scientific names, but with basic names), it’d make the plant grow faster and stuffs. Since Connor Franta himself named his succulent and his palm tree (there are Sarah, Dory, Kevin, etc), I decided to name the succulents. You could see that there’s Bleber, Dan and Phil, and also Jack and Finn.

For you guys who don’t know, Dan and Phil are well-known British YouTubers, and so are Jack and Finn. I used to have two succulents name Jack and Finn too but they died because I gave them too much water and I used to play rock music for them, maybe they didn’t like it. For bleber, don’t ask me. My internet friend came up with that name and I thought, “Why not?”

Second, I got new clothes from my dad (thanks, dad, if you’re reading this). And I admit it, they look pretty good on me?

  • the pastel blue one is from Connexion, it’s sooooo comfortable to wear.
  • the blue navy striped one is from American Jeans, I wore it before my choir concert.
  • the white one is also from Connexion, and it’s so soft I can’t even.

Last one, I got this mini tablet but it’s actually a mini laptop and it’s like the best thing I could ever asked for because I brought along my laptop to school sometimes and it’s so big and heavy.

It’s so small, and it’s fit into my bag and I don’t have to bring my big laptop to school from now on. I could write notes with this, and write blog posts with this cutie.

That’s all I have for you guys today, I hope you like it! Tell me in the comments below: what’s the best gift you’ve ever received for your birthday?

I know that Limitless Blog is pretty dead right now because I only write weekly posts due to school (ugh), but if you guys want more and if you understand Bahasa, I have a second blog named Ambivert’s POV, it’s basically filled with me ranting about life and stuffs.

OK, see you on the next post!

Stay alive, friend.


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