90. Warby Parker x Tyler Oakley


I hope everyone had a good time this week. Once again, I’m sorry if my blogging schedule is a bit messed up for the past weeks, because I am really busy at the moment studying and preparing stuffs for Christmas.

For this week’s post, I want to talk about my favorite person, my role model, my bae; the one and only Tyler Oakley.

If you’re here since the beginning of this blog, you must’ve known that I really loved to talk about Tyler. He’s one of my favorite YouTubers, he’s funny, creative, has good sense of humor, and stuffs. I could talk and ramble on about him for hours, he’s just too good for this world.

Fun fact: I have watched all of his videos on YouTube (there are more than 400 videos on his channel, it’s such an achievement for him), and there’s this one particular type of his videos that I like: P.O. Box videos. Basically, Tyler would go through all of his P.O. Box packages and they were mostly from his fans. And I remember on one of his P.O. Box videos, he received a package and it was from Warby Parker.

That time, I didn’t know about Warby Parker, and never heard about it. If you live in the United States, then you must’ve heard the name ‘Warby Parker’. Warby Parker is an American brand off prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

In one of Tyler’s P.O. Box videos, I remember he rambled about how much he loved Warby Parker and the glasses designs. And, I have to admit that all of the designs are so artistic and beautiful, and I secretly want to have one of those eyeglasses frame. But I live in Indonesia, and unfortunately Warby Parker doesn’t ship internationally.

Fast forward a few years later after the P.O. Box videos.

Last November, I heard the news that Tyler started a collaboration with Warby Parker! At first I thought he had a video collaboration with Warby Parker, but no. He has a collaboration with Warby Parker, and by ‘collaboration’ he means he basically has his own glasses designs with his signature with Warby Parker. And it overwhelms me.

“I am thrilled to announce my first eyewear collection and can’t wait to bring my signature style to the Warby Parker customer. I’ve been wearing glasses since elementary school, and I finally get to design frames that I’ve always wanted to wear. Warby Parker has always been my go-to for affordable, high quality eyewear, and being able to express myself through this partnership is super exciting,” says Tyler Oakley.

WPxTO is a collection of best-selling styles updated in a graphic palette of black hues mixed with pops of contrast tones. Included with each pair of frames is a limited edition eyewear case, plus one of three custom black-and-white lens cloths created just for the collaboration. Inspired by traditional menswear patterns (and Tyler’s own mood boards), the lens cloths—which can double as pocket squares—come in windowpane check, chalk stripe, and polka dot motifs.


If I had to pick, it’s either the Wilder jet black matte OR Downing jet black matte, but honestly I am living for all six designs from this collection.

Glasses are usually so expensive, so Warby Parker probably can be your favorite brand, because they’re:

  1. $95 each;
  2. every time you buy a pair, they give a pair away to someone who needs them;
  3. they provide this ‘home try-on‘ thing; where you pick five glasses online, they send them to you for free, and then you pick up which one you want, then you send them back, and finally they will send you your final pair.

If you’re a U.S. resident, and you’re looking to freshen up your image or want to buy eyeglasses frame, then I think Warby Parker is the right solution for you!

Which pair will you be picking up? Which one is your favorite frame? Will you buy it? Let me (and Tyler) know in the comments below!

*all images were provided by Warby Parker


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