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Today I’m in the mood to talk about: love.

Yeah, I know the title of this post said “Date Night Ideas”, we’ll get to that later. But now, let’s talk about this little thing called love.

Love is complicated, a truth so loud you can’t ignore. Anyone who has felt it will tell you the same thing. You never see it coming, until BOOM, it smacks you right in the face. Love is also unpredictable, capable of striking from any direction.

I don’t really get what love means, but I like the feeling of it.

Let’s step a bit further and talk about: relationships.

According to Connor Franta, relationships are fire; they’re about chemistry. No spark, no go. Once you find someone you find pleasing , you pursue that person. If you discover that you also enjoy that person’s personality, you move to dating. If you’re lucky enough for that to go well, you take it a step further and make it official.

These three basic steps sound simple and easy to do, but if you’ve ever made a real attempt at them, you’ll find otherwise. Love is hard, friend; really hard.

One of the many things to make a relationship last long is from dates. If you don’t have ideas for your date with your special one, I’m going to list a few of perfect date night ideas, and I’m sorry if they don’t sound really great because I’ve never been in a relationship (lmao).

1. Simple dinner

You can set up dinner with your special one, it could be anywhere; at fancy restaurants, or cafes, or maybe at your place! You can order food (Indian, Chinese, whatever) and talk to that person and get to know each other a little bit more.

2. Netflix night

Yes, you can have a movie night with your special one. Just let that person pick a movie (or a TV series), and then you two can watch it together, or maybe fangirl together with each other. I suggest you not to pick horror movies, because you know, it won’t be romantic for you two. Besides, it’s called ‘date night’, not ‘creepy night’.

3. Go out for movies

Well, if you’re bored with Netflix and want to watch new movies, you two can go to the local cinema and watch new movies together there. It’d be fun, though.

4. Go on a camp together

If your special one has this ‘adventurer’ vibe, then I think go out on a camp would be the perfect date night for you two. You can sleep next to each other under the sky, watching the stars above you two and naming every single one of them, and talk to each other literally about anything.

5. Game night!

If your special one is a gaming person, well then, I think it’d be perfect for you two to prepare yourself and have a gaming night. You could play anything; Just Dance, FNAF, Sims, literally anything. Or if you’re a traditional person, you could play board games.

6. Go to the pubs

I don’t really recommend this, but if you don’t go to a local pub, where’s the fun though? Also, you must be legal to purchase and consume alcohol. And also, don’t do drugs.

7. See live music performances/concerts

I really recommend this one, because who wouldn’t want to get accompanied by their loved ones to a concert? You can go to your local cafes to see live music performances, or if you want to see concerts, I suggest you to go to Troye Sivan’s concerts because they are lit.

8. Jam to favorite tunes

You two can share each other’s favorite playlists, and maybe listen to a few songs. Jamming to favorite songs with your loved one will be an unforgettable moment. Or maybe you can dance with each other to slow songs, it’d be so cheesy and romantic.

9. Go on a roadtrip

Drop everything, and run away together with your loved one to somewhere you two only know. Go on a roadtrip would be a fun thing to do, and maybe if you’re too lazy to use your own car because of something, this is when Turo comes in handy. Turo is a new peer-to-peer car-sharing company (like car renting, but better) from San Francisco.If you live in the US make sure you check out Turo, you never know someone might be renting out your dream car.

10. Cuddle

This is the last option: cuddle. There’s nothing feels better than being in your loved one’s arms, being comfy and cuddling with that person until you’re asleep.

Protip: whether you like it or not, you have to ignore your phone when you’re with your date. that person deserves your undivided attention. if you don’t give it, that person can’t be that special to you. it’s best for you to hang out with the person you’re texting instead.

Yeah, I think that’s all! Let me know in the comment below: what’s your perfect date night idea?

See you on the next post!

Stay alive, friend.

this post is written for Turo, a company that operates a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace.


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