92. [kree-ey-ter]

This is just another post where I rant about specific topic from the beginning until the end of this post, so if you don’t want to read it, it’s okay I understand.

I was bored the other day, literally didn’t do anything for the whole day, so I spent my time reading my old posts on this blog. I read every single one of them, from the first post until the last post, and I could see big difference on them. I can’t explain the difference, but I know that they’re completely different, as if the writer of those posts is a different person, which is not because I’m the one who wrote them all.

I used to love create things, I used to love being creative.

Now I’m here just like being unproductive, don’t have the motivation to live anymore, don’t really have hope for the future, and write posts to promote companies. I mean, it’s pretty amazing, I have to admit, like, being asked personally by the digital marketing manager of Warby Parker to promote their latest collection (which is WPxTO)? It’s the coolest thing that ever happened in my life, and not even my friends get that opportunity, which I’m really grateful for.

Fast forward to today, this very exact day.

For the first time since, I don’t know, forever (?), I’m feeling creative. A bit.

I decided to watch a few of Connor Franta’s videos to ‘fan’ that creative spark into a flame, since he’s the most creative person I’ve ever known in my life. As you know, I adore Connor Franta, and I’ve talked about him a lot in my previous posts.

Anyway, one of his videos that I watched is the one where he talked about his Common Culture stuffs, or I could say it’s a Common Culture haul video, and it’s 11 minutes long.

If you didn’t know, Common Culture is a lifestyle brand that Connor himself created in 2014, and it offers clothing, music, and coffee, and that brand really represents Connor. The clothing line is really good; it offers high-standard clothing, and the music compilations are so. dang. good.

In this video, he rambled on about how he created Common Culture and how he put all of his heart on that project. He then showed all of the CC products and I could see sparks in his eyes when he talked about his own brand, like the way he passionately talked about it and the way he saw and held every single products that he designed all by himself. Ugh, I’m just living for it.

Okay, let’s change the topic a lil’ bit different.

There are so many creators in this world. For me, a creator is a person who makes something new that no one ever established, that person creates a thing that never existed before. And, yes, there are so many types of creator in this world. For me:

  • Authors are creators, because they make a whole new alternate universe for their characters (which they created).
  • Songwriters are creators, because they create melodies, arrange keys and notes, write down the lyrics, and put them together until it becomes a song, even if it’s just a simple song.
  • Vloggers are creators, because they create skits, videos, put all of their efforts into their videos.
  • Designers are creators, because they design new kind of clothing that no one ever see before.
  • Bloggers are creators, because they write different posts every single day, and boi, it’s such a tiring thing to do and it needs creativity.
  • and many more.

There are so many creators in this world. I, as a blogger, identify myself as one of them, and probably you’re a creator, too.

As a creator, I feel like creating new stuffs is my job, it’s in my veins. I personally always want to create new things that no one ever made, I want to create a thing and make the world proud of what I have made. Creating things is fun, and I think every creator feels that feeling too.

As creators, we create things. And of course, every creation has its flaws; nothing’s perfect. So, we re-evaluate our mistakes, re-evaluate the flaws, and create another new thing that’s better than the previous creation. This could means anything; you create clothes, and if it’s not good enough for you and and consumers, you release another clothing that’s way better than the ugly one. The process goes on and on, and we’ll never get tired of it, because that’s the fun part. We learn from our mistakes, and then we keep going forward with another new creation.

I, as a creator, want to create things like other creators do. Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, and other successful people are creators, and I want to do same thing like they did.

People say that I’m too young to do that, to create things. They say I still have to wait until I’m old enough to actually accomplish my dream, to do the things that I want to do as a creator. At this point, I’m pretty upset because they’re like underestimating me, but deep down in my heart I know why they said that: because they are not creators. They don’t understand.

I don’t know. I just want to ramble about this whole ‘creator’ thing. For the past few days I feel like I want to create my own brand like the way Connor created Common Culture, I’m really inspired by it. And lately I realized that all of my creations are untouchable; stories, poems, videos, posts, songs, etc. It’s just.. I want to create something that I can touch, that I can hold and show it off to other people, keep beaming about it because it’s my own brand and creation.

Yeah, the struggle is real.

That’s all I have for you today, sorry if this post is a bit off-schedule. This was meant to get posted yesterday but my Wi-Fi somehow ‘rebelled’ and couldn’t connect to my laptop which is where I write stuffs.

Anyway, it’s December 24th here, and it means it’s Christmas Eve.

Have a f(r)antastic Christmas, y’all. May this year’s Christmas brings joy to you all, I love you.



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