87. Birthday Haul 2016

Last week on November 10th, I became 16 years old. Yes, it is my birthday. I feel really old because my friends are all 15 years old while I'm already 16 here, gosh. Anyway, there's no celebration for this year's birthday somehow, but it's okay I'm used to it. I got birthday greetings from parents, …

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82. My Obsession with Hamilton.

​Last week, we talked about coming out and LGBTQ stuffs. For this week, let's talk about a lighter topic: my latest obsession with Hamilton. This post is not about Lewis Hamilton the racer, nor Bethany Hamilton the surfer.  This post is about Hamilton: The Musical. For you guys who lives in America or a Broadway lover, …

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79. 24 Reasons to Love Connor Franta.

"to the boy with yellow hearts and floral soul; i hope you know that when you smile, all the sunflowers turn towards you instead of the sun." His smile and laugh. His personality. His poetry skill. His photography skill. His calming voice. His messy hair. His pride when he say that he's gay. He's too …

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78. Harry Potter Spell Tag.

​I have to thank Samantha Murdoch, my internet mum, for nominating me for this. Wait, not nominating, because I asked her if I can do this cool tag. Anyway, thanks for letting me do this! Go check out her blog 🙆. So the tag is primarily directed towards Harry Potter fans, but it's a fun thing to do! …

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Fellow readers, guess what? I am so excited right now! I'm so hype, I am hyperventilating, I can't breathe. Why? Because Troye effing Sivan has just released another song with Alessia Cara. And it was so good, and gold, and lit, and it's a masterpiece. I just can't even, oh my goodness gracious. *permission to …

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47. Birthday Boy.

Hey, hey! Troye Sivan Mellet, I am so proud of you. You're 21 now, it's legal for you to drink alcohol and get drunk. Just, go with your boyfriend and friends, go have fun. I just wanna say thank you for all you've done to us. You never see us as 'just fans', you see …

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45. MOVIETALK: Freedom Writers (2007)

Let's talk about movies! Yesterday, I watched this movie called 'Freedom Writers' and the storyline really touched me. So I think I should share it with you guys. The film is about a young new teacher named Erin Gruwell, who signed up to teach freshmen year at a local school. Time went by, the school …

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