97. [Update] This Blog Is NOT Dead

It's been a looooooooooooooong time since I wrote my last post in this blog. When I checked my blog this morning, the last time I posted something here was on February, which was about four months ago. First of all, I am so SORRY for not telling you readers that I would be on a …

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93. My First Haul Video

This post is totally out of schedule, but I just want to let you know that I made a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=patKzIYNPgM It's basically just a video of me rambling about my favorite stuffs for 13 MINUTES, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? And also, I'm sorry if I sounded weird because I can't speak English fluently and …

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90. Warby Parker x Tyler Oakley

Hello! I hope everyone had a good time this week. Once again, I'm sorry if my blogging schedule is a bit messed up for the past weeks, because I am really busy at the moment studying and preparing stuffs for Christmas. For this week's post, I want to talk about my favorite person, my role …

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87. Birthday Haul 2016

Last week on November 10th, I became 16 years old. Yes, it is my birthday. I feel really old because my friends are all 15 years old while I'm already 16 here, gosh. Anyway, there's no celebration for this year's birthday somehow, but it's okay I'm used to it. I got birthday greetings from parents, …

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80. Rants about Stuff and Unimportant Things.

I am confused. I feel like I haven't interacted with you guys for a week (maybe). I have a lot of things in my mind right now, my life is so busy at the moment. And, I feel lonely. Sometimes I just want a day-off from school, and just sit in my room, relaxing for …

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74. Suicide Prevention and Announcement.

Life is full of hope, life is full of endless possibilities, but not if you're feeling hopeless. And sometimes, most of those hopeless people prefer to end their hopeless life than continue to living this life into the better one. Suicide is like a pretty big problem here in my country (not really, but I'm …

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73. 200+ Followers

​It feels almost yesterday that I decided to hit publish on my "100+ followers" post two months ago I think. And here I am, sitting in Math class with a completely surprised face, seeing a notification that saying, 'You've received 200 follows on Limitless Blog. Your current tally is 202.' And I am like, 'Wow, …

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